I offer unique handmade jewelry designs - one-of-a-kind and limited edition, high quality pieces, handcrafted with care by me, here in Santa Barbara, California. My jewelry is created using solid sterling silver, fine silver, gold fill and/or gold vermeil, along with gemstones and cultured pearls. More information about materials can be found under shop policies as well with each individual item's description. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. To get info about specials, "Like" on FaceBook: www.facebook.com/juditmdesigns . Thank you so much for stopping by and shopping handmade, Judit Muller

SPECIAL OFFER: Complimentary Delivery within Santa Barbara with a $50 order. Use coupon code: DELIVERY

gemstones and pearls, silver and gold, leather and linen...

I really love to make jewelry. I love to go to the gem show and find strands of beautiful stones and beads and silver and sometimes gold. I love to come home with all of my finds and start to play, combining colors and textures and shapes and sizes. And I love the meditation of sitting quietly and stringing the beads, tying the knots, wrapping the wire and seeing what evolves.

So after a while, there was far more jewelry than I could wear, or would want to fit in my jewelry box. And that is what has led me to set up shop and offer my designs to the world. That, and the need to fund my little Gem Faire habit.

The backstory:
I have made jewelry at various points throughout my life. I took a jewelry elective in high school. In college, a friend and I made and sold feather earrings (back when they were popular the first time). In art school I took another metal-smithing class. And then I didn’t do it for a long time. A few years back, I thought, “I can MAKE the earrings, and save some money...” It coincided with a period of rather tedious design and production work at my day job, so I started spending my free time designing and making jewelry. And spending my money at the gem faire buying gems and findings (so much for saving money). Now it's a second business. A nice balance with the graphic design day job and the day-to-day stuff of life - friends, family, cooking, cleaning, reading, traveling...

I love that people find my work on the internet and order it for themselves. I love seeing the people I meet around town that buy my work locally. And my friends that time and again support me (and I get to see wearing the pieces). Thank you all!!